Let op geld lenen kost geld

The KunstKoop from the Mondriaan Fund offers individuals living in the Netherlands the possibility to purchase an artwork in monthly installments, without any interest. The aims of this service is to encourage private individuals to buy art and in in doing so to generally stimulate the art market. The program is widely used, with around 120 art galleries across the Netherlands participating.


When can the KunstKoop be used?

– The KunstKoop can be used for artworks or works of design produced after 1945 by living artists or designers.
– The KunstKoop applies to artworks of living artists or designers who perform activities with an artistic content in the area of visual arts and/or design and are integrated as such in the professional visual arts and/or design field in the Netherlands.
– The purchase should be done at one of the 120 galleries that cooperate with the KunstKoop. You can find the participating galleries here.
– The KunstKoop can be used by individuals aged 18-74 (the loan must be finished before the age of 76), living in the Netherlands.
– Limited editions, for example silk-screen prints and lithographs, should comply with the requirements as known to the gallery owner.

How does the KunstKoop work?

Stap 1: You decide to buy an artwork at a gallery that cooperates with the KunstKoop and you sign a contract with the gallery.

Step 2: The gallery uploads information on the purchase and you will receive an email from Santander Consumer Finance to file your application for a KunstKooploan. You are asked to fill in an online form and upload the requested documents.

Step 3: Santander decides whether the loan can be approved. If the loan is approved, Santander will pay the total amount of the loan directly to the gallery and you will pay it back in monthly terms.

What are the monthly costs?

– The minimum loan is €250 and maximum loan is € 7.500. If an art work costs more, the remaining amount should be covered by the buyer and be payed directly to the gallery.
– In every case you can decide to pay a part of the total amount directly to the gallery and apply for a KunstKooploan for the other part.
– The minimum duration of the loan is six months, the maximum is three years. The loan can always be repaid earlier with no additional cost.
– After the first montly term of your KunstKooploan is covered, it is possible to file an application for a second KunstKooploan.

You can check the calculator to see an indication of the height of the monthly installments. In this way you can quickly see what the KunstKoop can mean for you when purchasing an artwork.